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June 13th 2013

Haven't really finished much since we moved house, probably won't finish much else before we move house again, but here's a new andrew clare composition.

November 29th 2012

New merch.

November 28th 2012

Still tinkering with our "business" model; basically it now works like this: Most releases are free to download using the links below, the bandcamp links are there for those of you who would like to pay a bit of money in order to get the download in a preferred format (wav, flac, ogg, mp3, etc). If you'd like to support us please consider making a donation.

Some releases are not free, these include anything still available in a physical format, and most stuff by I'm Being Good.

Pricing; basically everything's a lot cheaper, but the postage costs have gone up. Most CDs are now 4.99 or less.

November 8th 2012

For the rest of November, we're donating 20% of all digital sales (via the bandcamp links below) to WFMU. Admittedly, for any normal month that's 20% of nothing. To make a direct donation, head here.

November 4th 2012

Remixing the lost I'm Being Good album from 2007/8. That and a new Andrew Clare album. More details soon.

March 1st 2012

I'M BEING GOOD play at the URBAN BAR, Whitechapel tomorrow night (march 2nd). Details HERE.
This is probably your last chance to see us play until the end of the year.

NEW IBG and ANDREW CLARE albums (below). Nice!

January 11th 2012

I'M BEING GOOD have some shows this month...
JANUARY 20th NOTTINGHAM, The Chameleon. With Shield Your Eyes and Grey Hairs
JANUARY 21st LONDON, Power Lunches, with Milche Grande + tba
JANUARY 25th BRIGHTON (SEAMONSTERS 2), The Albert, with Negative Pegasus, Plague Sermon and Sea Bastard

September 14th 2011

The new I'm Being Good album is now available. Buy the CD from our shop or buy from the bandcamp page and get digital download straight away.

Mar 27th 2011

Forgot to mention it before but we now have a YouTube channel, where we're posting music videos we've been making. If you like what we're up to, please do us a favour and spread it around a bit.

October 27th 2011


September 8th 2011

Update to tour stuff: I'm Being Good's MOUNTAIN LANGUAGE CD scheduled for early November release on GRINGO RECORDS, Or you can pick one up early if you GO SEE THE BAND PLAY LIVE AT ONE OF THESE SHOWS...


9th BRIGHTON, (TOMORROW NIGHT!)(just jumping on the bill for this) Brighton Electric studios with 72% Morissey, Fat Bicth and Unicorn Dad vs Robodad (NO BAD ORB AT THIS SHOW): vent.php?eid=2708448396114 02

20th BRISTOL, Louisiana Basement, with Model Boat and Fairhorns: vent.php?eid=2223533611496 85

21st MANCHESTER, Gulliver's, with Phwombs and The Gamecock: vent.php?eid=1279910439600 71

22nd LEEDS, Fox & newt, with D'Astro: vent.php?eid=1489178851914 30

23rd NOTTINGHAM, Chameleon, with Hookworms and Rattle: vent.php?eid=1171499217183 05

24th LONDON, Power Lunches, with Liberez: ent.php?eid=17224111951825 6

June 1st 2011

> Sale ended. You missed it.
> Added bandcamp listening posts to most of the releases, more to follow!
> Some free versions rele of theseases may be dissapearing soon, so fill yer boots now or go hunt them down on mediafire.
> Most of our releases now also available through gogoyoko if you're into that scene.

May 14th 2011

SMALL THINGS now have a Bandcamp page and have uploaded both their albums and a few long out-of-print cassette releases. Listen to the lot right here.

May 13th 2011

I'M BEING GOOD just dug up a long lost track called I WANT TO BE A PART OF THE PROBLEM and threw it on their Bandcamp page. You can also now listen to (or even pay for, if you're feeling flush) SPARES OR REPAIRS and SCHINDLER'S LIST II in full online, as well as the other i'm being good albums. CHECK IT OUT.

Mar 30th 2011

SALE is now on until June 1st. Buy any three items from the shop for twenty of your eeengleeesh pounds. CDs, Vinyl albums and teeshirts each count as 1 item, 7" singles count as half an item, so you could have three CDs; or two albums and a teeshirt; or six singles; or one CD, one album and two singles; or four singles and an album, and so on.

I'm Being Good's SUB PLOT cd, though, is now officially sold out. You can still download the MP3 release at 192kbps here, or visit the band's bandcamp page if you want higher bitrates, wav or flac versions, or any other variation.

Mar 15th 2011

The first of I'm Being Good's new albums will be called MOUNTAIN LANGUAGE and be released on the wonderful GRINGO records later this year. Hot damn!

Jan 18th 2011

I'M BEING GOOD play at the Cowley Club, in Brighton on January 29th with BAD ORB and KING ALFRED, MAN OF LEISURE. Donations on the door.
I'M BEING GOOD have two new albums more or less ready to rumble. If your label is interested in potentially releasing one or both, get in touch.

Jan 5th 2011

New Andrew Clare solo album is up. Oddly it's a remix of another album that isn't up yet. Plenty of stuff lined up for this year, including at least TWO new i'm being good albums, which are more or less ready to rumble, assuming we can find someone to release them.

May 28th 2010

NEW BALD MERMAID VIRTUAL SINGLE is up now. Who'd a thunk it? more new stuff coming soon...

May 15th 2010

I'M BEING GOOD play in Bristol this Wednesday, May 19th. We played in Brighton last week too, but i forgot to tell you.

Mar 16th 2010

I'M BEING GOOD play at the Cowley Club, London Road, Brighton this friday (19th March). Set will contain some shiny new material. Album is taking shape nicely. Should be along by autumn, assuming we can find someone to release it.

Mar 10th 2010

New release. It's another Andrew Clare solo album. More to follow, i'm sitting on a whole bunch of stuff.

Feb 15th 2010

Plenty of stuff coming up, including a new andrew clare release in the next couple of weeks and some I'm Being Good shows lining up for the next few months, including...
March 19th at the Cowley Club in Brighton.
Some other shows tbc in reading, southampton and brighton between now and the summer time.
The new IBG album is approaching final stages of production, looks like it'll either end up being a double or two separate releases. We're also trying to finish the other album that we recorded just before Dave left the band, so we're currently sitting on three albums worth of new stuff, most of which will find its way out one way or another this year.
I'm Being Good also now have a site at where, you can buy downloads of all their albums in pretty much any format or sound quality you like, including Family Snaps, 8 of us R dead, Sub-Plot, and Poisonous Life.

May 27th 2009

I'm Being Good play a FREE SHOW at the free butt in Brighton, June 6th, with Jack Allett (Towering Breaker) and Lamp (sort of an electric version of -A+M)

November 25th 2008

I'm Being Good play at the cube cinema in Bristol this Saturday (29th). More info here
Some more IBG shoes falling into place for december around Brighton, TBC. Sign up to that email thingy up there if you give a shit.

September 22nd 2008

Taken the forum down.

September 6th 2008

It's been a strange year so far but finally got some time to up more stuff, here's a new pine forest recording, should be a release by Dora Bleu to follow soon.
I'M BEING GOOD news; the band are down to a 3-piece since recording what was going to be their next album, but have instead been working on a whole new set of material, you can catch em september 26th at the FREE BUTT in brighton with End The Agony and The Sticks. It's a free show. Then they'll be playing the hokaben festival at 93 feet east in london on November 9th.

December 22nd 07

Here's a new pine forest thing. It's Pete & me on piano & xylophone respectively. we did another seesion with Caroline on flute as well which i'll put up later when i've mixed it. in the meantime, enjoy this.

December 5th 07

after mastering my own and other people's stuff for the last 10 years i've started a full-on audio mastering service. Contact me for rates: mastering at infinite chug dot com

Some shows coming up, Andrew Clare plays solo at Oxfam, western road, brighton on december 7th from 7pm.
ALSO: I'M BEING GOOD play on NEW YEAR'S EVE, that's december 31st, at the free butt in brighton. also playing are CHARLOTTEFIELD and another as yet unspecified act. OMFG!

I'M BEING GOOD are picking up where they left off a year ago with recording their next album & it's haping up to be a right stonker, and are aiming to tour into europe in the spring with ACK ACK ACK.

October 31st 07

whoa there, here's another one.
In other news, I'm Being Good play at brighton's OOOSH! FEST on november 24/25th at the Westhill Community Centre, Compton avenue. tickets are £15 for the whole weekend and selling fast.

October 14th 07

it's been a while, here's something new...

December 9th 06

Here's SCOTCH PINE finally. sorry i sat on it for so long.
in other news, PINE FOREST play as a trio at THE ALBERT in brighton on sunday afternoon, december 17th, 2pm. supporting BODUF SONGS.

September 26th 06

I've locked the old forum and set up a new one, this one'll hopefully be less spammy.

September 22nd 06

Hot damn. sorry, work got the better of me. okay, here's part 2 of i'm being good's SPARES OR REPAIRS. it's a little number called SCHINDLER'S LIST II. On the way soon is SCOTCH PINE virtual single; it's a collab between DJ SCOTCH EGG and PINE FOREST, if you can imagine that.

Not many shows coming up, although here's two...
PINE FOREST play at HOPE in brighton on october 25th with SIR RICHARD BISHOP.
I'M BEING GOOD play at AUDIOSCOPE in oxford on october 28th with CLINIC, TRENCHER, PARTS & LABOR, etc.

July 29th 06

Here's a PINE FOREST virtual single, recorded at the cube cinema after the i'm being good show. it's piano.

July 4th 06

Whew, okay, here's CGI WORMS. enjoy! i'm reaching my storage limit on this server so if anyone can offer mirror space i'd appreciate it. otherwise i'll have to start deleting things, maybe i can set up some kind of request system and rotate the releases or something. Anyway, ladies and gents, i give you CGI WORMS.

July 3rd 06

More I'm Being Good shows coming up...
Thursday, July 13th - Battersea Barge, London, with ack ack ack
Friday, July 14th - Labour Club, Northampton, with carl white, maybe pine forest.
Saturday, July 15th - Leeds, The Common Place, with bilge pump.
Sunday, July 16th - Derby, Summer Picnic, with twinkie, clearlake, etc

ALSO: PINE FOREST play at the Hanbury Ballroom in Brighton on July 12th, supporting Hamilton Yarns, Nalle, and Daniel Padden. Dave from i'm being good will be deejaying.

April 11th 2006

It's been a while. we've been working hard. There's a couple more releases almost ready to go but i won't get a chance to finish them off until june, so come back then. They'll be a new pine forest release, a CGI WORMS release and possibly a second installment of spares or repairs. Join the mailing list (above) and you'll get mailed when it finally happens. We don't mail out very often so don't worry about spam overload. you'll also get gig updates, usually, like, the day after the gigs are happening. great.
I'M BEING GOOD have a couple of shows lined up for the summer time (brighton, london, bristol) but mostly we'll be concentrating on finishing material for our next album and then recording it.

Tomorrow we visit iceland for a week where we'll be playing some shows....
13. apríl - Hellirinn + Lada Sport, The Ministry Foreign Affairs 700 kr. inn
14. apríl - Grand Rokk + Skátar, Gjöll & DJ Musician 800 kr. inn
15. apríl - Edinborgarhúsið, Ísafirði (Aldrei fór ég Suður)
17. apríl - Gamla Bókasafnið, Hafnarfirði + Skátar, Retron & Bertel! 600 kr. inn
18. apríl - Frumleikhúsið, Keflavík + Æla, Skátar & leynigestur 600 kr. inn

December 11th 2005

Here's SPARES OR REPAIRS finally, and some previews of FAMILY SNAPS ... i'm thinking about making family snaps available as a purchased download (about a fiver) so people have the MP3 option if they prefer it, but for now here's some free snippets.

the 'family snaps' CD is out now on jonson family records, or you can buy it RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW

also, the donation buttons must've stopped working a while back. they're fixed now, just in case you're feeling generous.

November 11th 2005

one more show added... it's our album launch!


FREE BUTT, Phoenix Place, Brighton
Doors 8pm
ONLY £3!!!

we don't usually seem to get to play for more than 25 minutes these days but this night we're trying to work it so we can play for an hour at least, so bring a good book.

the album hits the streets on december 5th on jonson family records, or you can buy it RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW

October 23rd 2005

I'm Being Good have some shows coming up...
03/11 LONDON - vibe bar - w/ TRUMANS WATER
04/11 NOTTINGHAM - horn in hand - w/ TRUMANS WATER
05/11 LEEDS - brudenell social club - w/ TRUMANS WATER + BILGE PUMP
06/11 BRIGHTON - pavilion theatre with TRUMANS WATER + MELT BANANA
20/11 LONDON - the garage - w/ MELT BANANA

August 24th 2005

Pine Forest tonight!, at the Spitz, commercial street, london. It'll be a flute/guitar duo with a guest 2-headed dog. Pine Forest are on first, at 7.30pm. other bands are James Green, Soeza, and Alexander Tucker.

August 16th 2005

The Bugs virtual 7" is here! also... I'm Being Good's 'spares or repair' album will be up within the next week or so.

August 6th 2005

Pine Forest will play at the spitz in london, 24th of august. supporting james green and soeza.

July 14th 2005

i'm being good have some gigs coming up this month, full list here

June 29th 2005

the pine forest album is up! gasp in awe at its creepy tendrils. Also coming soon, that DJ scotch egg virtual single and an i'm being good thing. Not the new album we just finished, a different new album. Probably in, like, early august by the time i get around to it. also just added a forum. i'll get around to redesigning this page to incorporate all of these elements properly some time.

June 2nd 2005

new pine forest album will be up within the next week or so, i've got my head wrapped around finishing the i'm being good CD at the moment.. but SOON.

May 3rd 2005

i just stumbled on a vinyl copy of the small things LP on ebay. aaahh yes, number 91, I remember that one.
just finished out little mini-tour with Worlds Dirtiest Sport and BUGS. Expect virtual 7" singles from both right here in the near future.

April 18th 2005

i'm being good are playing a couple of live shows, with BUGS and WORLDS DIRTIEST SPORT (kevin from trumans water's other band) dates so far are...
Friday, April 29th Brighton THE VOID starts 10pm ish FREE (donations welcome)
Saturday April 30th Northampton somewhere. not sure about the venue. Tom knows.
Sunday May 1st EMPTY - wanna put them on? email tom at imbeinggood dot com
Monday May 2nd Bristol Mr Wolf's Noodle Bar, 7.30pm £4 in. with Sodding Wolf's Head.

April 9th 2005

i added some no-obligation donation buttons just in case you can't live with yourselves. i know it's lame but i'm being good need a new crash cymbal, gotta keep the bandwidth topped up, buy esoteric microphones, expensive trainers, and other bling shit.

April 8th 2005

yet another re-issue! I'm Being Good's seminal 2001 CD sub plot. Pretty much sold out over at i', although there's a handful left if you're desperate to own a 'real' copy. Not fussed? then download it for free right here.
more stuff to follow soon: virtual singles by dj scotch egg, world's dirtiest sport and others, a full-length pine forest release and more re-issues from the vaults.

April 7th 2005

another re-issue... i've got a lot of stuff backed up, this is the now out-of-print small things first LP. Basically the line-up of i'm being good circa 1995 (andrew clare, david ewan campbell, jason williams) noodling around at home. If you told a bunch of casper hausers who'd never heard jazz before to go read a book about it and then go off and make some it might sound something like this. aomewhere between CAN and sun city girls. oddly reminiscent of current finnish outfits like the anaksimandros.

April 6th 2005

here's a re-issue. it's the bald mermaid LP from 1996. still sounds as ugly as ever. If the idea of downloading a 105MB zip file fills you with dread you can download some snippet previews to help you commit. alternately you can still buy this one on vinyl from the old site.

April 4th 2005

okay, bought the server space... here's the first internet-only free MP3 release. It's by Pine Forest. More stuff to follow real soon. In the meantime if you're still hung up on owning hard copies you can still buy stuff from the old site.