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Audio Mastering

We offer a full mastering service, whether your intended medium is vinyl, CD, or download. Price is based on the duration of your material: £10 per minute of music up to 20 minutes, and then £5 per minute for anything beyond. So for example, a 40-minute album would cost £300.

Previous clients include: Charlottefield, Caroline Weeks, Trumans Water, FatCat records and others.

How it works

1. You send us your master recordings in 24-bit Wav format (other formats may be accepted, ask first), either as a download or hard copy.
2. Unless we know you personally we'll probably insist on payment in advance.
3. If you have any idea about the kind of sound you'd like to go for, now would be a good time to let us know.
3. Once we've got your money and your sounds we'll disappear for a few days (see Turnaround Time, below).
4. Eventually we'll send you a rough master. Live with it for a bit, make notes on what you like and what you don't like. Send us the notes.
5. We'll make further tweaks based on your comments.
6. This process continues until you're happy. The price quoted covers 3 versions (our first rough master + 2 revisions). In rare instances where further tweaks are required, these will be charged extra at £2.50 per minute of music, per pass (if you only need a couple of tracks tweaked at this stage, we'll only charge for the duration of the tracks, not for the whole album).
7. Before releasing the final master to you, we'll expect you to settle any outstanding balance.
8. Once everyone's happy, we'll send your master in/on whatever format you need.


Having trouble mixing your recordings? We can help. Enquiries welcome.

Turnaround time

Depends on the material supplied, and how busy we are with other stuff. We'll give you an idea of our availability at the beginning of the job.


We can set your artwork up for print or design it from the ground up. Visit for more.

Contact us

mastering at infinite chug dot com